Categories Of Cell Phone Stands

It is important to note that cell phone stands divided into categories. These categories will help you narrow your search when you want to get a cell phone stand. Cell phone stands come in different categories, if you read through this guide, you’ll find out these categories.

Today, smartphones are increasing in size, so it’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep them in hands and shift them from place to place.

According to Dr. Kenneth K. Hansraj, the chief spine surgeon at the New York Spine Surgery & Rehabilitation Medicine, looking down at your mobile is like having a 60-pound weight on your neck. This places stress on your spine, increasing your risk of early wear & tear.

The common posture you’ll see exhibited by nearly every commuter on the morning train has been rather comically dubbed the iHunch (stretched-out neck, sunken shoulders, and arms have drawn into the torso). And it’s not just your neck and spine under strain.

The smartphone slump has also had an effect on your wrist positioning. Evolution moves pretty slowly, and the bone structures and muscles of our hands are yet to evolve to match the shape of holding your phone.

This has led to common niggles including ‘texting thumb’, caused by repetitive stress injuries common from smartphone use. Phone stands can help you to use your mobile in a more ergonomic way, reducing wrist, neck, and spine strains.

A phone stand allows you to watch your favorite TV shows or the latest sports game without craning your neck. If you’re an avid Netflix bed or sofa binger, our adjustable phone and tablet floor stand will hold your device in the ideal elevated position for ergonomic viewing. Its height-adjustable design lets you change it to suit your position, whether in bed, seated, or standing.

According to different purposes, multiple models of phone stands are currently available in the market. Some are feasible whereas others are completely worthless. However, it’s hard to figure out which one will actually serve its purpose.

Sometimes, a good-looking and robustly built phone stand also fails one’s expectations. Therefore, it is advisable to check the specifications and vulnerabilities of every single model before you buy it. Here we are going to elaborate on some models of smartphone stands on the basis of their productivity.

Ways to Use Cell Phone Stand

Not to mention there are millions of ways to use a cell phone stand. People are very attached to their phones that means a cell phone stand can be used everywhere, be it in your bedroom, car, at work, or even in the grocery store! A cell phone stand comes in handy whenever you want it to!

  • Working on Multiple Tasks

Whether you are a student or a professional or someone with a lot of tasks for projects to tackle? The best cell phone stand will help you look at two devices at the same time.

  • Streaming Videos

As you know, it is quite cumbersome having to hold the smartphone to watch movies. In any case, you want to relax and enjoy watching your favorite movies. With a tripod for holding the phone, you can have a comfortable viewing angle. Moreover, you should not be concerned about your expensive smartphone slipping off a wall or book. The holder will ensure your smartphone is always in place.

  • Driving

A cell phone stand will help you keep your hands on the wheel. You can easily play your favorite Spotify list or follow the GPS without any hassle. Driving will become easier with the help of the best cell phone stands.

  • Kitchen Works

You can easily use a cell phone stand or holder to watch the videos while scrubbing the pots and pans for trying out a new recipe in the kitchen. Now you can easily make a new dish without worrying about holding your phone.

  • Getting Groceries

Most of the time, you need hands-free to make it easier for you to look at the grocery list and push the card around the store without bumping into people. This is when the best cell phone stand comes into the picture.

  • Using the Bathroom

It may be gross, but a lot of people use their phones on the toilet. This inspired a woman named Anna Brewer to create the Wallabox, a phone holder that fits right on the wall in public bathrooms.

  • Taking Selfies

You do not have to hire a cameraman. What you require is a wireless remote and timer, and you can easily take off the photos with your friends and yourself easily. With the phone stand holder, you can get the perfect angle and take your pictures.

  • Golfing

Now you can aim for your next hole, without any worries about your phone! It will be safe in a phone mount that can attach to your golf cart. A cell phone stand will definitely help you out while you are on the ground.

  • Going to Sleep

Watch your videos in bed by connecting a holder directly to your headboard. It’s a great solution if you don’t have a television or want to listen to a podcast while nodding off to sleep.

  • Mowing the Lawn

A phone stand makes it easy for you to watch YouTube while cutting the grass. Your neighbors are going to be so jealous!

What Are Different Categories of Phone Stands?

There are many different categories of cell phone stands in the market. We have curated a list of some of the most common categories of phone stands you will find. This list will help you get a better idea of which phone stand is the best one for you.

  • Classic Phone Stand

Classic stands for phones are the most common categories of cell phone stands found in the market. These phone stands vary in size and shape but all of them have the same function. They are great cell phone holders for your desk. You can basically put them on any flat surface and rest your phone on them.

Classic iPhone desk stands are usually not adjustable. They are good for safekeeping your phone while you’re not using it. You can also use these stands for hands-free viewing of photos or videos on your phone. In some cases, you can use them for recording videos and taking photos as well.

You can choose from a wide variety of colors and sizes. They require no set-up and are easy to use. Classic phone stands are a must-have for your office and home.

  • Multifunctional Cell Phone Stand

This is a variety of cell phone stands that look and operate much like the classic mobile phone stands. But they wider compatibility so you can mount multiple devices on the same stand. These stands are great for mounting your Amazon, Apple, and Android tablets, E-readers, and cell phones.

Multifunctional cell phone stands are great for people who use a variety of devices and want a space-saving solution to hold/mount them. You can use these stands to keep your phones safe when you’re not using them. Or they can act as great mounts for when you want to video call on your iPhone, record a video, take a photo, or view your phone.

  • Adjustable Desk Phone Stand

Adjustable cell phone stands help you manage the angle at which you can view your phone. These stands are great for viewing videos, movies, tv-series, photos, and more. You can change the angle of the stand to see the screen of your electronic device better.

Lazy neck phone stands are a must-have if you vlog or like taking pictures with your cell phone. These stands will help you take amazing photos and record videos at different angles without needing someone to hold the phone for you.

  • Smartphone Stand with Charging Dock

Are you looking for a cell phone stand that does more than just hold your phone? Then smartphone stands with charging docks may be the answer. These stands have different docks installed in them so you can use them to charge your phone and other devices.

Usually, these stands feature USB docks so you can plug-in devices and charge them. However, these aren’t fast-charging devices and they may affect the battery life of your phone and other devices. Also, these are more expensive than other cell phone holders and there is less variety in size and design.

  • Ring Cell Phone Stand

Cell phone ring stands are the most portable and lightweight smartphone holders in the market. They are small in size and can be installed on the back of your phone. You can easily pull open the ‘ring’ to help prop up your phone on a flat surface.

These phone holders are popular because they are very easy to apply and use. Plus they go wherever your phone goes and make for great gifts. They are also available in a number of fun colors (black, white, gold, rose gold, silver, and more) and designs so you can choose one that goes with your phone cover.

Ring cell phone holders are also great for single-hand cell phone use. You can use the ring the hold the cellphone using your index finger and category with your thumb easily.


If read through this guide, any doubts you had on the different categories of cell phone stands must have been answered. Now you know the category that best suits you when you want to get a cell phone stand.